About Silvercity Photos

Founded in 1992 by Matt Bezzina, Silvercity Photos is a group of professional photographers who are dedicated to freeze the special moments of life in a photo. With many years of experience in the photography industry, we are proud to deliver the highest quality service and we at Silvercity Photos guarantee to keep you smiling and satisfied.

What sets us apart is our focus and dedication to both the guests and the event hosts. We ensure our clients that the guests will leave knowing the fact that the highest quality photography service has been provided.

Silvercity has provided the best service to clients from all over Sydney catering for the widest range of events such as:

  • Formals
  • Graduations
  • School Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Special Events

We always leave a good impression on our clients and donít plan to stop anytime soon. We always try to aim higher and that is why from 2011, Silvercity Photos have decided to expand our services into areas outside Sydney. Now cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle can also receive the same high quality photography service Sydney has received for over a decade.

Check out the different type of services we provide and the different packages we cater for using the tabs above. For further questions regarding our service, donít hesitate to contact Matt: matt@silvercity.com.au or contact us here.