About Silvercity Formals

NEW FOR 2013 Unbeatable Formal Package Includes a photographer AND a photobooth for the one flat cost of $5 per head! (or $500 if you have less than 100 guests)

Photobooth - Our specially designed Photobooth can take big groups as well as couples. Unlimited on the spot custom photo strips all in high rez colour

Photographer - A roving photographer will take photos throughout your formal with all photos appearing on facebook ready for you and your guests to share, download and copy as you please.

Optional Extra 1. Back-on-the-night photographic service where all the photos taken are returned to the venue as colour prints and handed out before the formal is over. Everyone receives a photo. This service costs $8 per photo (number of guests x $8) and also includes having the photos posted online.

Optional Extra 2. Have formal portraits done with a complete professional studio. The studio is an add on of $5 per head either with the photobooth+photographer option or on its own.

Don't be put off if your venue already has a photographer included - just insist on Silvercity Photos to take advantage of the Photobooth+photographer package

The Photography is INCLUDED if you are having your event organised by Prom Night Events.

Check out some of our formal pics on You Tube.

Contact our formal expert on 0418166508 to discuss your formal.

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