It is clear that a graduation is a special event during school or university life. However, every so often, a special event such as a mother son lunch or presentation day will take place and photography is an important part of the event itself. That is why Silvercity Photos will ensure that the guests receive the best service possible.

On the day of the function, a professional photographer (or sometimes even a group!) will circulate through the room and take photos of families, friends and groups as requested. We also take photos of any presentations and special awards. If you need something, contact us, and we will meet your needs.

Depending on the location of your event, we may also be able to cater for back on the night photos. This means that our photographers will snap every person who attends, print the photos and a high quality lab and then bring them back for each person to take home. If arranged prior to the event, your school can also request custom folders with your school crest on the cover.

Regardless of which package you choose, the photos will be uploaded to this site the next day so you can view the photos and enjoy the special moments once more. Always rely on Silvercity Photos for the highest photography service.

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